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Ensuring that the website is always presented in the best possible manner and at the required level.
Maintaining the confidentiality of user information and not using it outside the scope of the website.
Not using available permissions in ways that harm others.
Respecting everyone’s opinions and suggestions.
Not showing favoritism among individuals and treating everyone equally.
Displaying facts related to the website and not hiding them for any reason.
Maintaining public rights and not neglecting them.
Providing all the software needed for easy browsing of the website.
Technical support availability around the clock to monitor the website.


Users of the website must adhere to the following:


Maintaining the website and not harming it in any way through comments or publications.
Not using services and products in a way that violates their intended use.
Reporting any violations found on the site by contacting us.
Cooperating with the website management and its staff for the benefit and development of the site.
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